Regal Red


Regal Red necklace

  • Red and gold teardrop cabochon
  • Red and gold spiral beaded chain

This beautiful pendant necklace is created from a fused glass cabochon from a local crafter on a spiral chain.

An elegant teardrop shaped fused glass cabochon with shades of orange dichroic sparkles. The cabochon is suspended from a 3-strand  twisted bead chain. The chain is 18ins long so sits comfortably along the collar bone for maximum effect.

This red and gold hues of both the cabochon and chain remind me of the royal chains of office worn by court official –¬† hence the name.

I have attempted to blend the colours of the pendant in the chain so each compliments the other with startling effect and is sure to attract much attention when you wear it.



The whole is so unique and beautiful that you will not want to leave the house without it.


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