Candy Stick Necklace


Necklace features:

  • White glass cabochon
  • Chenille chain
  • Red and white Preciosa seed beads
  • Silver-toned lobster clasp

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This original necklace has been created from a fused glass cabochon from a local crafter suspended on an unusual chain. This necklace length is versatile and can be worn with most necklines, as long as they are open enough to show off the d├ęcolletage and accommodate the longer pendant.

The white glass cabochon has vertical red stripes of blue creating interest.

The Chenille chain from which this exquisite pendant is suspended was created from red and white Preciosa seed beads. The whole is kept securely around your neck by a silver-toned lobster clasp.

I have attempted to blend the colours of the pendant in the chain so each compliments the other with startling effect and is sure to attract much attention when you wear it.

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