Purple snowflake UV jewellery set


The central part of this feminine and intricately-crafted V-shaped necklace was created using sliver-flecked purple glass beads with gold tone snowflake spacers. The shoulders of the necklace repeat the same right angle weave but with dark and light purple glass pearls and small gold seed beads. The V-shaped centre harks back to Vintage Hollywood elegance and the fact that the beads twist around the snowflake spacers enables the wearer to try different effects.

The necklace is 55cm (21ins) long and falls between the collar and the bust and will particularly compliment a low-cut outfit. It is finished with a silver heart-shaped lobster and ring clasp.

The accompanying bracelet repeats the right angle weave using the silver-flecked purple beads lighter coloured glass pearls and gold seed beads. The bracelet is 20cm (7 ½ ins) and is finished with a plain gold-toned ring and toggle clasp.


Product features:

  • V-shaped necklace
  • sliver-flecked purple glass beads
  • dark and light purple glass pearls
  • gold seed beads
  • coloured glass pearls
  • necklace length 55cm (21ins)
  • bracelet length 20cm (7 ½ ins)

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