Mining for Gold necklace and bracelet


This elegant necklace is created from large black and gold glass beads, black glass pearls, gold-toned square and flattened circular spacer beads. The shoulder chains are made from black glass pearls and gold-tone multi-faceted beads.. This princess necklace is 48cm (19 ins) long and can be worn with most necklines, as long as they are open enough to show off the décolletage. It is finished with a gold-tone ring and toggle clasp.


The bracelet compliments the necklace or may be worn alone It is also created from the black and gold glass beads and flattened gold-toned spacers with black crystals to keep the beads separate and fluid as they sit on the wrist. It sits comfortably around a 7 ½ in wrist and is finished in a gold-toned ring and toggle clasp.




  • matching necklace & bracelet set
  • large black and gold glass beads
  • black glass pearls
  • gold-toned square and flattened circular spacer beads
  • necklace length 48cm (19 ins) long
  • gold-tone ring and toggle clasp

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