My inspiration for Toot’s

A little time ago my treasured pearl necklace – a family heirloom – broke and I took it to my local jewellers. They could repair it but at a price I was unwilling to pay. I decided to teach myself how to knot and sew beads and became addicted.


I buy pearls and crystals from reputable suppliers and also rummage in charity shops for old or unusual beads to create my designs.

I began with established patterns but soon branched out into developing my own creations with a variety of sized beads and findings and the results are enthralling.


Friends and family began to commission items which supported my learning and helped me to explore more design ideas. I like experimenting with colours and effects and enjoy the originality that develops before my eyes.


Each piece is handmade with love and a guarantee. Every piece is unique, Patterns may be repeated but I never use the same beads more than once so you can be assured that anything you buy is a genuine one-off.